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Training with distractions

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Which is noisiest and most distracting... Athletics...or Target Shooting

Shooting final was originally developed from my own experience of attending a regional competition with a fellow shooter.  He had a particularly successful qualification and gained a place in the 10 Metre Air Rifle Finals.  His excitement, and nervousness were in equal measure, he had never been in a final before, and had no idea of the finals rules.  Underprepared maybe, but it was an unexpected leap in his performance and reaching the final really was a surprise.

Sat there watching, I wondered how many other athletes had been in the position of entering a finals, with little or no experience of what a final was like.  That was the beginning of the first Shooting App.

Roll forward a number of years, and I found myself again sat watching another final, this time it wasn't a local, or national competition, but the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (2014).

After being fortunate enough to spend several days watching a variety of events, it became apparent that elite athletes not only have to shoot with the pressure of a big match, but also with audiences that have become a lot more vocal in their support, especially in finals.  

 In the Athletics sprint events such as 100M sprint, you have the commentators requesting silence for the start of the race, in target shooting you have commentators encouraging audiences to applaud and cheer 10.7's and above. This was most apparent in the mens Air Rifle finals, which resulted for spectators in a very exciting climax.

My own coach, as I suspect all coachs do - encourage training in noisy and distracting environments, however training like this is never easy, especially when it comes to training alone.  So I knew that the currently limited distraction section of shooting final needed a revamp.

This was confirmed by a number of emails from athletes already using the app, requesting more distractions, and distractions that ran the full extent of the shot cycle.

With this in mind I have expanded the Distractions to include

  • Silence,
  • Shots,
  • Clapping,
  • Random noises,

I am hopeful that the new extended section of the App will prove helpful for Athletes of all abilities to train for such demanding situations, after all there is nothing more exciting or rewarding than seeing a finals full of athletes all shooting at their best.

Your feedback really is important and your suggestions do help us develop a better training app, so please keep those comments coming :-)


The latest version of Shooting final (version 2.0.1), includes the new distractions, if you have any suggestions of additional distracting sounds please let me know, and we will try to implement them.



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