25m Pistol is the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch application that enables you to train for both the women's ISSF 25m Competition, and the Mens Center Fire Competition. Allowing you to training for the Precision Qualification, Rapid Fire Qualification, and also the Full Finals.

It fully complies with the atest ISSF Rules, and oncludes all the necessary timings, and commands.

Simple to use, it lets you get on with trainining and improving your shooting skills.

Features include:

  • Audio prompts played for each stage of the Competition including qualification and finals. 
  • Turn Sighting time on/off 
  • Adjust series delay time to suit you. 
  • Adjust the time allowed for loading Pistol. 
  • Manually move onto the next shot if you do not want to wait the full series time. 
  • Turn distracting sound on/off (plays shots in the background). 
  • Reset Settings to Standard Rules.


Highly recommended for Center Fire Pistol, Very complete app for your training sessions - by Peralpe


Awesome. Great app. I've been looking for something like this and this is much cheaper than paying for a target timer. Distraction sounds add great value to training and customer support is very helpful. -Shootergirl400

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