Tetrathlon the Target Shooting Training application for the iPhone, iPod touch.  Enabling you to train specifically for Tetrathlon Pistol event, re-creating the exact format including all of the necessary Audio prompts. 



  • Audio prompts played for each stage of the Competition
  • Turn Sighting time on/off and adjust timing
  • Adjustable Shot Timer
  • Adjustable Load Timer
  • Adjustable delay after "Are you Ready ?"
  • Adjustable delay between shots
  • Adjust Target changing time to suit the equipment you use.
  • Manually move onto the next shot if you do not want to wait the full number of Seconds.
  • Turn distracting sound on/off (plays shots in the background)
  • All settings are automatically stored for your next competition.




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RF Pistol

   25M Pistol

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Rapid Fire Rifle